usp 797 face masks

BCR® 3-Layer With Polyurethane Earloops

Berkshire masks offer exceptional filtration efficiency while also providing long-wearing comfort for operators. People are a significant source of contamination in any critical manufacturing process. Berkshire masks are designed to protect your cleanroom or controlled environment from human contamination.

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Pharmaceutical Compounding TOC Swabs

BCR® 3-Layer With Polyurethane Headbands

BCR® 3-Layer Face Mask with Polyurethane Headbands (210mm) features a medium filter made of polypropylene for exceptional filtration. Low-shedding, polyurethane headbands reduce particles.

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usp 797 cleaning swabs

BCR® 3-Layer With Knitted Earloops

BCR® 3-Layer Face Mask with Knitted Earloops (180mm) features a medium filter of meltblown polypropylene for excellent particle and bacterial filtration. Its polyethylene outer-facing is ideal for extremely critical environments.

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