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The Fail-Rate of Compounding Pharmacies – Is It Time to Approach a New Paradigm?

Although it may seem like longer, it was just two short months ago that we welcomed in a new year, one full of promise for exciting developments in the contamination control industry. And it’s off to a flying start. Already … Read More

Exploring the Insanitary/Unsanitary Conundrum

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, medications, or nutritional supplements, as members of the contamination control industry – and as consumers – we like to believe that they are health-promoting, safe, and pure. From a professional standpoint, we understand … Read More

Sterile Compounding – More Than Meets the Eye

Sterile compounding in a pharmacy involves customization of medication mixtures in a minimal contamination environment.  Safeguarding against unwelcomed contamination is a tall order because many of the small contaminants are invisible to the eye and hidden as microorganisms.  The robust … Read More


USP <797> News: Seeing is Believing

In contamination control, there are generally two types of contamination problems: complex problems that even those who are dedicated to cleaning out sometimes miss, and outright negligence.

Sometimes, an issue as simple as not knowing the proper contamination control procedures … Read More

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